Patient Review by Tyler M

I am a firm believer in Botox for TMJ relief, and very particular about who I see for this issue. After finding ASA and Dr Mizam it is safe to say I will only see Dr. Nizam for Botox for my TMJ and anything else to do with my face! TMJ issues that result from teeth grinding keep me coming back to Dr. Nizam and the wonderful staff at ASA. The results are pretty fast and I can feel relief (within hours of receiving the botox) from teeth grinding, I find it easier to chew food, and relief from and grinding related headaches. I typically go in for the TMJ Botox every 5 to 6 months. Recently I started getting "preventative" Botox in my forehead as well and never imagined it would look so natural, but of course, he nailed it and I am so pleased! My results here lasted about 7 months and I could feel + see how natural it looked. The preventative Botox, to me, helps magnify the extra skin-care I take in the AM and PM through use creams + sunscreen. I am so grateful to have such an amazing Doctor, like Dr. Nizam, in Montgomery. He always is patient when answering questions and extremely knowledgable so I always feel educated on the procedure. Patient care is amazing! Dr. Nizam and Lily always make sure I am 100% comfortable during the procedure. He is definitely a perfectionist and it shows in the results, every single time. If you have been searching for a medical professional that is professional, friendly, skillful, knowledgable, and caring look no further and make your appointment now. Dr. Nizam, Lily, and the ASA Team- thank y'all for all of your care and hard work!

- Tyler M

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