Personal Philosophy of Facial Rejuvenation Montgomery AL

Sami A. Nizam, II

I have trained/practiced in and around the face since 2005. Over that time the techniques themselves have changed, and it is for that reason I strive to stay up to date through continuing education, training under others, and publishing original research papers in the field of cosmetic surgery.  The face remains one of the most challenging areas to rejuvenate, as it is the first thing people who meet us see, the first thing we look at in the mirror, and the tool with which we express our emotions to others.

For me the process starts at consultation. Truthfully getting to know the patient and vice versa to see if our personality matches is of the utmost importance. I remind patients cosmetic surgery is just as much an art as a science and bumps in the road may occur, because of this a strong patient physician rapport must be present prior to the initiation of any treatment. Once this is established I like to hear from the patient their areas of concern prior to making any assessments for myself. All too often surgeons may perform technically excellent procedures, but completely miss what the patient wanted corrected.

After establishing the areas to be rejuvenated, I like to discuss options available.  This may range from non-surgical procedures with no downtime to surgical procedures with 7-10 days of downtime. I do genuinely believe that performing surgery earlier than later is beneficial as results are more profound, can be enjoyed for a longer time, and easily maintained afterwards with non-surgical adjuncts.  That being said, my goal has always been to offer all options, as everyone has different time constraints, budgets, and expectations. My job is to align all of these factors.

Finally, I strive to perform balanced elegant rejuvenation. I have never been a fan of overdone or fake looks, and honestly haven’t met many patients who are. Some people may request or want this look and for those patient’s referral to another cosmetic surgeon is often my approach. To me cosmetic surgery should be about turning back the clock to a younger more refreshed version of yourself!

Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Sami A. Nizam II, MD, DMD

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