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Otoplasty or ear pinning is a procedure used to make protruding ears less prominent. Protruding ears are a type of congenital malformation. Controversy exists as to the appropriate time to address this issue. Some parents feel that as this is a cosmetic procedure it shouldn’t be performed on children. Others argue that it is no different from placing braces to straighten your child’s teeth. Regardless this can be a traumatizing deformity for school aged children and can have a negative impact on social development during the formative years. At Alabama Surgical Arts Dr. Nizam often recommends treating during the school age years to avoid this.


The procedure is performed through a hidden incision on the back of the ear. Usually, a combination of cartilage reduction and sutures are used to reshape the ear into normal contours, although each procedure is tailored to individual anatomic needs. A resorbable suture is used to close the incision in the postauricular crease. The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia, due to the age of most patients. 


Social recovery time is 1 week. After surgery a wrap is placed to hold the ears down and prevent collection of blood. The patient is seen the follow day and the wrap is removed and the ears are inspected for blood collections. An elastic wrap is then always worn around the head for 1 week. After this it is worn only at night for an additional week. No suture removal is required as they dissolve on their own. Wearing of helmets or other head gear is prohibited for the first 6 weeks.

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