Lip Lift | Montgomery

As we age our lip becomes longer and the red portion of the lip (the vermilion) tends to become less prominent. Often times, less tooth show is visible on full smile. This results in an aged appearance. For these individuals a lip lift is a better solution than HA fillers. Fillers will tend to lengthen the lip, decrease tooth show, and need to be redone at 6 month intervals. 


The procedure itself utilizes an incision that wraps around the lower contours of the nose in a bull horn pattern (as seen seen in the diagram above). Intervening skin is removed and meticulous suturing is undertaken. Sutures are removed  at 1 week. Social downtime is typically 1 week. The incision line can remain red for the first few weeks, however it can be cover with make up. Final result and incision healing is normally appreciable by 3-6 months. 

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