Exparel – Extended Postoperative Pain Relief

Exparel (bupivicaine liposome injectable suspension) is a long acting local anesthetic. Bupivicaine itself is commonly used at the end of surgical procedures and provides 4-8 hours of pain relief. Exparel is simply a specific formulation that allows a controlled time release of bupivicaine over 72 hours.  It has become a popular medication in many surgical specialties due to its ability to provide this extended pain relief. Because the surgical site remains partially numb for the first 3 days most patients are able to use over the counter pain medications and avoid the use of narcotic pain medication. This is particularly important in an oral surgery practice as many teens first introduction to opioid medication is from dental procedures. 

A few insurance carriers have began covering the price of this medication in light of emerging research. Unfortunately, a large majority of carriers do not cover it at this point.  If your interested feel free to ask about pricing during your consultation. Click here for an informative video on how Exparel can be used during wisdom teeth extractions. 

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