Tattoo Removal

Patient receiving a tattoo removal

There are several methods of tattoo removal available. Prior to laser tattoo removal, getting rid of unwanted ink was a difficult process. It typically involved aggressive exfoliation treatments, like strong chemical peels, dermabrasion and even surgical excision. However, these did not always produce favorable outcomes because it is difficult to target pigments that are deep in the skin.

With laser technology, it delivers energy to the skin via light waves. Depending on the frequency of the waves, the energy is absorbed by different pigment colors in the skin. This heats up the ink pigment, which causes it to break up into smaller particles, which then is gradually removed by the body’s lymphatic system over time. Typically, each treatment will take 5-10 minute and will need to be done again as this is a gradual process. Each treatment is spaced about 10 weeks apart for the best efficacy.

Rohrer Spectrum for Tattoo Removal
Here at Alabama Surgical Arts, we use the Q-Switched Yag/KTP for tattoo removal. For over 20-years, the Q-switched Yag laser has been the laser of choice for removing tattoos successfully. The dual wavelengths (1064nm/532nm) remove a wide array of tattoo pigments. Consultations appointments are available in our office to easily assess your unwanted body art.

Tattoo Removal Side Effects
As with any laser treatment, there will be some side effects from the Rohrer Spectrum during tattoo removal. As the laser reaches the tattoo pigments and breaks it up, it should cause a reaction for your body’s immune system to clear it out. This may cause some itching and soreness in the area. 

Your Tattoo Removal Consultation
If you’re suffering from tattoo regret, help is just a phone call away. To schedule your tattoo removal consultation, please Alabama Surgical Arts at (334) 271- 2002.

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ASA is always professional, nice and always does a good job. My tattoo has tremendously faded and should be gone by the end of the year!!

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