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A neck lift addresses the tissue under the jawline. It will not address areas above the jawline such as the jowl (click here for procedures that will address this region as well).  Everyone’s anatomy is different and because of this the techniques used vary greatly and are custom tailored to your individual neck. During your consultation at Alabama Surgical Arts, Dr. Nizam will evaluate the components of your neck contributing to your aesthetic complaints and propose treatments to address these areas. Please note not everyone is a candidate for isolated neck lifts and some will be better served by a deep plane facelift.   Below are common causes of neck sagging and fullness and their treatments. 

Loose skin– Depending on the quality of the skin and and the amount the skin can be contracted with radiofrequency (Facetite), re draped like spreading a sheet out, or excised through incisions behind and around the ear.

Loose skin diagram for neck lift

Fat– Fat typically resides in two areas; above the muscles of the neck and below the muscles of the neck. Some people have large amounts of fat above the platysma muscle which are easily targeted with liposuction. More often than not a component of this fat is below the platysma muscle, which requires surgical removal and is not amenable to liposuction. Contemporary concepts of neck rejuvenation have moved to removal of deeper fat and leaving a thick coat of fat under the skin to provide natural youthful smooth contour. Look at young persons neck and you will note smooth full skin and the absence of visible contour irregularities. 

excess fat diagram for neck lift

Platsymal bands– This muscle separates the more superficial fat in the neck from the deeper deeper fat and structures. When you frown you can see these muscles contract. As stated above maintaining a thick layer of fat over these muscles helps create smooth contours post operatively. Aggressive removal of this fat through techniques such as isolated liposuction can actually make them more visible and the neck less esthetic. Most people have an opening between these two muscles and this is addressed by sewing them together during the surgery once the deeper structures have been addressed. 

Bands diagram for neck lift

Deeper Structures–  Some people will have large muscles and glands in the deeper parts of the neck that can contribute to poor contours. This is the extra 10% that can change a good result to a great results. 

Deeper Structures

Skeletal Deficiency– Some people have a weak chin. This can lead to premature aging in the neck. This is simply addressed through placement of a chin implant.

Skeletal Deficiency


It is necessary to have someone drive you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours. Social downtime is typically 7-14 days and depends on what procedures were performed. A compressive dressing and sometimes drains are placed for the first 24 hours. You are seen after 24 hours and these dressings are removed and the surgical site is examined. An elastic head wrap is worn all day for the first week. The face and neck may initially feel tight. At 1 week sutures are removed and a majority of any bruising that has occurred has usually began to subside. Make up can be worn. The following week an elastic head wrap is worn only at night.   Minor contour irregularities can be present in the initial few weeks and gradually disappear as swelling and edema subsides over the first 1-2 months.

Complications following facelifts are rare. These include bleeding, infection, loss of skin behind the ears, facial nerve injury, discoloration of the skin, numbness, asymmetry and scarring. Infection is rare due to the large blood supply to the face. The risk of wound complications increases in diabetics, persons with a history of radiation, autoimmune and collagen disease, and smokers. Dr. Nizam requires smokers to quite prior to undergoing the procedure due to the increased risk of complications.


An often asked question is how long does the procedure last? The goal as mentioned earlier is to turn back the clock 10 years. The face continues to age from the date of surgery onward. Additionally, minimally invasive maintenance procedures may be recommended to maintain the result.

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