Patient Review by Amber F

I came to Alabama Surgical Arts to have a lip filler procedure done. Initially I was so nervous, but the second I walked in the door I felt so confident and comfortable about coming to this particular office. The office is so clean and beautifully done. You feel a calmness throughout the entire office. I was taken back to have before pictures taken and then following was sent to the room where the procedure was done. I met with Lily and she asked what I was looking to have done. I explained what my goal was and she made me feel so at ease with their plan. She explained to me what the product was, what to expect and how the process works. She did a dental block to ensure I didn't feel any pain whatsoever, which I will say is one of the biggest reasons this procedure went so perfectly. From start to finish, I literally couldn't have asked for a better experience. After numbing Dr. Nizam came in and administered the filler. He and his assistant took their time to make sure I was okay and comfortable and ensuring everything was placed perfectly. It's obvious he is an absolute perfectionist and takes his work seriously. The process itself didn't take but about 10 or 15 minutes. When finished I was handed a mirror to see my results. At first, I'll admit, I was slightly shocked. I was already swollen and so scared thinking maybe a made a huge mistake. I probably made the assistant think I was unhappy, with the way I reacted, but it was shocking for me to see my lips the way they initially looked. When finished, I was brought to the office to schedule my 2 week follow up and again greeted by Lily who wanted to see the results. She made me feel so much at ease by assuring me I was only swollen, numb from the medication and everything would be okay. This was my first experience having anything like this done. I'd done my research, seen videos, and had a general idea of what to expect, but I honestly wasn't actually prepared for what it's actually like. Every persons experience is going to be different. We are individually made and no one person is going to have results like the next. I am currently only 3 days post procedure and I am IN LOVE with my results!!! I didn't bruise at all, barely sore and a lot of the swelling has gone down. Nothing like I was expecting. Best advice I can give is TRUST THE PROCESS!!!! And it is a process. I will absolutely be returning to this office for more work and highly recommend them to anyone looking to have any cosmetic procedures done. My experience really couldn't have gone any smoother. I am so happy with choosing this office. Staff is amazing and the doctors are super talented! I am so happy to have found this office for future procedures!

- Amber F

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