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Alabama Surgical Arts

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Patient Review by Amy H

I love Alabama Surgical Arts! Everyone is extremely professional! Lily did a great job microblading my eye brows. They look very natural! I highly recommend Alabama Surgical Art’s!

- Amy H

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Patient Review by Amber F

I came to Alabama Surgical Arts to have a lip filler procedure done. Initially I was so nervous, but the second I walked in the door I felt so confident and comfortable about coming to this particular office. The office is so clean and beautifully done. You feel a calmness throughout the entire office. I was taken back to have before pictures taken and then following was sent to the room where the procedure was done. I met with Lily and she asked what I was looking to have done. I explained what my goal was and she made me feel so at ease with their plan. She explained to me what the product was, what to expect and how the process works. She did a dental block to ensure I didn't feel any pain whatsoever, which I will say is one of the biggest reasons this procedure went so perfectly. From start to finish, I literally couldn't have asked for a better experience. After numbing Dr. Nizam came in and administered the filler. He and his assistant took their time to make sure I was okay and comfortable and ensuring everything was placed perfectly. It's obvious he is an absolute perfectionist and takes his work seriously. The process itself didn't take but about 10 or 15 minutes. When finished I was handed a mirror to see my results. At first, I'll admit, I was slightly shocked. I was already swollen and so scared thinking maybe a made a huge mistake. I probably made the assistant think I was unhappy, with the way I reacted, but it was shocking for me to see my lips the way they initially looked. When finished, I was brought to the office to schedule my 2 week follow up and again greeted by Lily who wanted to see the results. She made me feel so much at ease by assuring me I was only swollen, numb from the medication and everything would be okay. This was my first experience having anything like this done. I'd done my research, seen videos, and had a general idea of what to expect, but I honestly wasn't actually prepared for what it's actually like. Every persons experience is going to be different. We are individually made and no one person is going to have results like the next. I am currently only 3 days post procedure and I am IN LOVE with my results!!! I didn't bruise at all, barely sore and a lot of the swelling has gone down. Nothing like I was expecting. Best advice I can give is TRUST THE PROCESS!!!! And it is a process. I will absolutely be returning to this office for more work and highly recommend them to anyone looking to have any cosmetic procedures done. My experience really couldn't have gone any smoother. I am so happy with choosing this office. Staff is amazing and the doctors are super talented! I am so happy to have found this office for future procedures!

- Amber F

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Patient Review by Shannon M.

An amazing facial in an amazing environment by an amazing esthetician! My skin looks SO INCREDIBLE and I feel so refreshed... thank you Kelsey! I can’t imagine ever going anywhere else!

- Shannon M.

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Patient Review by Paul S

Dr. Nizam and his staff are wonderful. I highly recommend them for my family and friends.

- Paul S

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Patient Review by Karla Rosales

Absolutely loved this place ! The staff is so sweet and understanding! It was my first time here, had to get 2 wisdom teeth removed and 2 extractions and so far I’m on day two and have had no pain or problems. I definitely would rate this place a 20/10. Dr. Nizam was the best and so professional would deff come back.

- Karla Rosales

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Patient Review by Shirley P

I have had excellent professional service from Dr Nizam and the staff on both experiences. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Shirley P

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Patient Review by John C


- John C

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Patient Review by Ashley G

I highly recommend Alabama Surgical Arts to anyone seeking facial cosmetic surgery. I had two surgeries prior to seeing Dr. Nizam and had achieved minimal results. I was worried that I would never be happy with my chin and there was no procedure that could help. I scheduled a consultation with ASA and was amazed with Dr. Nizam and Lilly. With a few procedures combined I got the results I never thought were possible. I could not be more thankful for for Dr. Nizams amazing work!

- Ashley G

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Patient Review by Elizabeth C

I began seeing Kelsey after a coworker raved over the incredible services she received here so I started to see her as well and I am now driving down from Birmingham just to see her. Kelsey is amazing and highly knowledgeable about any and all skin conditions and can pinpoint exactly what your skin needs. After just two sessions with her I have visibly noticed a difference in my skin and it’s given me so much confidence. I will definitely continue to see Kelsey again and again.

- Elizabeth C

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Patient Review by Chasidy G

Being a woman of color I was very cautious about getting my skincare here but Kelsey made sure we took things slow and that I used the appropriate products for my skin type. This place is on the pricey side but it’s worth every dollar!

- Chasidy G

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Patient Review by Kelsi D

I love them will go to them if I need to in the future ... thank you all my next step is my braces

- Kelsi D

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Patient Review by Leigh H

They have helped with my TMJ pain so much! I've been migraine and pain free since starting treatments with Botox for my TMJ. Love all the staff! Y'all are A+ care.

- Leigh H

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Patient Review by Grant L

I felt very comfortable that I was in good hands and the procedures done went well.

- Grant L

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Patient Review by Terre I

Lily and her entire staff are AWESOME! I have lived my entire adult life with minimal brows and have had to fill them in with different results each time. When I decided to do something for me I decided on brow tattooing and I was blessed enough to find Lily Nizam. Her artistic skills are amazing. I love the look of my brows and my skin. Kelsey also did laser resurfacing on my face and my skin glows. Thank you ladies for helping me feel beautiful ️ ️ Anyone who is looking to have facial enhancement - look no further than AL Surgical Arts. Lily and her fantastic team are the best.

- Terre I

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Patient Review by Linda D

Alabama Surgical Arts is a wonderful med spa for any skin care need or beauty procedure. Lily and the staff are very welcoming, accommodating, and knowledgeable. I have visited the medspa for different procedures and have been pleased with the results. I have had many compliments and highly recommend ASA. Also, the medspa carries many exemplary beauty products for your skin care needs.

- Linda D

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Patient Review by Cara T

ASA is always professional, nice and always does a good job. My tattoo has tremendously faded and should be gone by the end of the year!!

- Cara T

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Patient Review by Jillian P

It’s always a pleasure to visit ASA! They are courteous, accommodating, and very professional.

- Jillian P

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Patient Review by Michelle M

This place is phenomenal. It’s my 50th birthday year & I'm having every kind of facial injection (fillers/Botox, lip fillers) that’s available without going under the knife. And I just had my eyebrows tattooed (OH MY what a positive difference) cannot believe the before & after. Thank you Dr. Nizam, Lily & all the staff. So professional!!!!

- Michelle M

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Patient Review by Haley D D

Wonderful experience with Lily Nizam team. Lily did a combination of microblading and shading on my eyebrows and they look amazing!

- Haley D D

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Patient Review by MaryCaitlyn M

Dr Nizam and Lilly are the best! I initially tried out ASA for Botox and while I was there, talked to them about how unhappy I was with my lip filler from another Dr in Birmingham. After getting Lilly’s consultation, we elected to have them dissolved and start over. Even though we knew it was going to be a long road to achieve the results I initially hoped for, I had complete trust in their work and opinion. Fast forward several months, 2 rounds of dissolved and 2 rounds of Restylane Kyss, I am BEYOND thrilled with the look and feel. The procedure was also completely painless. I had never been to a place that does a dental block before filler and when I say I felt nothing while getting my filler in, I felt not one thing either time. I am so thankful to of found the both of them and ASA!

- MaryCaitlyn M

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