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Patient Review by Pearl T

The staff was amazing, The Dr. Is well educated and made me feel so comfortable. I didn't feel any pain during it afterwards his wife is amazing and helpful they all make you feel at home.

- Pearl T

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Patient Review by Samantha S

Dr. Nizam was amazing!!! I received fillers and Botox over a year ago and everything still looks great. I had my Botox updated, but the fillers still look wonderful. Thanks Dr.Nizam for giving me a refreshed look.

- Samantha S

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Patient Review by Zayna A

Over the course of my treatments, Lily has easily become a great friend. Although I had some reservations before starting my laser treatments, Lily made sure to put my mind at ease. The results of my treatments have honestly been great, all thanks to her. She will be dearly missed in Arkansas, but I wish her all the best in Alabama!!

- Zayna A

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Patient Review by Suzanne M

Lily is the best ! I was very hesitant about having anything done because I was a first-timer for any cosmetic procedure. She put me at ease right away by talking to me about my concerns and answered all my questions. She has the expertise as well as an artist's eye ! She did a threadlift on me recently and before that she did tear trough filler. I was very happy with the results! The thread lift results were amazing yet very subtle and natural. Although she's no longer in Arkansas , I would travel to Alabama to see her in a heartbeat!

- Suzanne M

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