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5 out of 5 stars based on 201 reviews.

Patient Review by Marco (MJ) T

The staff was very caring! Such a calming environment! I will definitely return if further services are needed.

- Marco (MJ) T

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Patient Review by Aimee H H

Great Experience

- Aimee H H

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Patient Review by Dwayne B

Wonderful experience

- Dwayne B

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Patient Review by Joseph H

Can't say that I enjoyed my visit - who ever does enjoy going to the dentist - but each visit has been done on a very professional basis. So I guess you can say that, yes, I enjoyed my visit.

- Joseph H

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Patient Review by Terri H

The office is very welcoming and the staff friendly. I felt at ease with my procedure.

- Terri H

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Patient Review by Linda

Great and friendly staff. Appointment was easy to schedule. I am happy with my procedure and will follow up again. I would recommend Alabama Surgical Arts for anyone.

- Linda

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Patient Review by Kathy R

Wonderful they are very professional and really care about their patients. I wouldn’t choose to go anywhere else.

- Kathy R

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Patient Review by NANDAGOPAN P

I received very good care and treatment. I was impressed when the doc called up later to check on me. Normally like anyone else, I hate a visit to the dentist , but this was a really pleasant experience. Thanks.


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Patient Review by Aletha B

Lily is great!!!

- Aletha B

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Patient Review by PBHS T

It was a great experience from start to finish!


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Patient Review by Latoya

Alabama Surgical Arts was amazing. Doctor Sami Nizam did a wonderful job putting me at ease with the nervousness I had during the procedure. I had no pain the next day even though I couldn’t get my prescriptions filled until the next day. Bleeding was minimal. I will definitely be returning for future procedures. Great Job Guys

- Latoya

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Patient Review by Mark A

Dr. Nizam performed my maxcillofacial surgery @ UMDNJ. Dr. Nizam and his staff did a 360 degree in making a difference in my life, he's very gifted. I've never had any post surgery issues and its been 3yrs and counting.

- Mark A

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Patient Review by Miriam C

I can across dr. Sami Nizam by coincidence after seeing 4 other oral surgeons that couldn’t even explain to me what is wrong w my teeth. All I got was the estimate on the cost. When I met dr. Sami Nizam he took his time to explain to me what was the issue, showed me the pics n shortly after he did total of 4 surgeries on my teeth including the plastic surgery on my gums to cover all the scars. He always checked on me after the surgery if I’m doing ok. Thanks to him I have my beautiful smile back. Than I found out he does fillers so I had him do my lips. He’s very knowledgeable doctor. I highly recommend.

- Miriam C

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Patient Review by Shannon A

Dr. Nizam is amazing! I have had both Botox and Juvederm injections. He took the time to speak with me about my area's of concern and discussed all of my options with me. I wanted a very natural look and wanted to make sure that I didn't look over done. I love, love the results. I will recommend Dr. Nizam to all of my friends!

- Shannon A

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Patient Review by Richard L

Oh yes definitely Dr. Nizam is among the best!!! I had five extractions and six implants placed on my upper jaw with a permanent porcelain denture. While sleeping, completely painless amazing results. Two thumbs up

- Richard L

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Patient Review by Linda K

For over 20 years I suffered from periodontal disease and was a patient of a well respected Periodontal specialist in Philadelphia. During that time, the intent was to keep my teeth and gums as healthy as possible. Regularly scheduled deep cleaning worked. However, my doctor retired and the new staff had different ideas. The regularly scheduled deep cleaning was no longer an option, and within a couple of years my teeth deteriorated to the point where it was embarrassing to even smile. The new staff recommended extractions, at first only a few teeth. Ultimately, they planned to extract all my teeth and do implants. I agreed to have the first three teeth extracted. That was the beginning of a horrible time for me. After the extractions I bled profusely and was in a lot of pain. For two weeks I continued to bleed on and off. I was frightened ,I could not eat, and I was miserable. As time passed it didn't get much better, and I was not myself, as I was normally very outgoing and talkative, but now became very uncomfortable around people. The staff then recommended extracting the rest of my teeth and doing implants. But I was afraid of what might happen after the last experience. I thought, "if I bled so profusely from 3 extractions, how would my body react to all my teeth being extracted". The thoughts going through my head were all scary and uncertain. I sought out other opinions, but did not have a good feeling with anyone. Finally, in late 2016, I met with Dr. Sam Nizam. When we met, I immediately felt the connection, and I was comfortable. Dr. Sam listened to all my concerns attentively. I knew the qualities in a doctor that I was looking for and Dr. Sam had all of them. Dr. Sam sat me down and explained step by step what he recommended and how the procedures would be done. He was so calm and confident, and did not sugar coat anything. He explained that I needed 26 extractions, and why. He explained that I needed bone grafting for the implants to take, where he would need to do the grafting, and why. He explained that I needed a sinus lift, and where and why. Also, he showed me visually on the computer and pointed out exactly where my implants would be placed, to have the best chance of success. He explained how all procedures would be done at the same time. I was still nervous about the whole process, but I had total confidence in Dr. Sam and agreed to schedule it as soon as possible. It was February, 2018. I was in surgery for 5 1/2 hours. He performed all the work that he had explained to me. I went home, knowing I was in good hands and that I was going to be fine. But I was just a little nervous, thinking I might bleed. Dr. Sam prescribed pain killers, which I took that night and went to sleep. I awoke after a peaceful night sleep. My bleeding was the size of a dime!. I had minimal pain. I stopped taking the pain killers. I went back for a follow up. Dr. Sam was pleased with the results and so was I. No pain, no bleeding, the implants (all 11 of them) all took. I now have new teeth. I can smile again. I can speak without fear and embarrassment. At my daughter's wedding I was able to proudly smile and laugh all night! Dr. Sam gave me my life back! I am myself again! Thank you!! I will always be grateful to Dr. Sam for the incredible work he did, that now gives me the chance to enjoy life as I had not been able to do for so long. If I ever have a problem, even though I now live many states away in New Jersey, I would not hesitate to make the trip. I recommend Dr. Sam highly . He has been blessed with a tremendous talent and gift to help people. I wish him all the best,and pray that his success helps thousands more like me in the future.

- Linda K

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Patient Review by Rosa W

I’ve had my eyebrows microbladed by Lily about half a year ago and I’m super pleased with result. I didn’t have a lot to work with and it was amazing to see the results. Not to mention, she is so personable and fun! Check out their Instagram if you don’t believe me. Lily Nizam and Dr. Nizam are both very professional and work very hard to make sure you get the best treatment and results. I’ve seen it with my very eyes!

- Rosa W

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Patient Review by Pearl T

The staff was amazing, The Dr. Is well educated and made me feel so comfortable. I didn't feel any pain during it afterwards his wife is amazing and helpful they all make you feel at home.

- Pearl T

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Patient Review by Samantha S

Dr. Nizam was amazing!!! I received fillers and Botox over a year ago and everything still looks great. I had my Botox updated, but the fillers still look wonderful. Thanks Dr.Nizam for giving me a refreshed look.

- Samantha S

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Patient Review by Zayna A

Over the course of my treatments, Lily has easily become a great friend. Although I had some reservations before starting my laser treatments, Lily made sure to put my mind at ease. The results of my treatments have honestly been great, all thanks to her. She will be dearly missed in Arkansas, but I wish her all the best in Alabama!!

- Zayna A

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